The Real Estate Market: Past, Present and Future

Buying and selling a home has changed over the years. The internet and other technological advances have made it easier than ever to both list a home and sell it. Now, homeowners can get online and browse the internet for sources on how to prepare a home to sell, as well as search for homes to buy. The available technology has also given real estate agents and brokers better tools to do their jobs so they can provide their customers with more detailed information.

Mobile technology in particular has brought marketing straight into the homes of potential buyers. Smartphones make it possible for buyers to download apps so they can search for and find the perfect home. Real estate agents and brokers will have to make sure that their listings will be featured on these sites and apps, and then hope for an interested buyer to find it and contact them.

Electronics have also made it easier to advertise and show a home these days. Real estate agents can now use their cameras to upload the pictures directly onto the internet. There are also devices available to record rooms and take panoramic pictures of the entire area. This allows real estate agents and brokers to post virtual tours on their websites to give potential buyers a better idea of whether this property will meet their expectations prior to visiting it. It’s no surprise that about 50 percent of agents and brokers are spending thousands of dollars on technology for their business in just one years’ time.

Finding a home is now as easy as one click away!infographic_gray_roost_oct_2013_lrg final

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